Wstępna instrukcja obsługi Cadillac Escalade Ext 2005

Cadillac Escalade EXT 2005 to trzecia generacja pięciodrzwiowego SUV-a Escalade. Jego wyróżniającą cechą jest możliwość przekształcenia w wersję pickupa dzięki składanej pokrywie ładunkowej. Escalade EXT oferuje ulepszoną jakość wykonania i bogate wyposażenie, w tym szerokie wybory silników, takie jak wysokowydajny silnik V8 o pojemności 6,0 litra. Przegląd wstępny Escalade EXT 2005 obejmuje wyczyszczenie i sprawdzenie systemu chłodzenia, układu napędowego, układu hamulcowego, systemu kontroli trakcji i układu zawieszenia. Sprawdź też wszystkie poziomy płynów, wymień filtry i wymień olej w silniku. Upewnij się, że wszystkie światła i urządzenia zostały sprawdzone i sprawdzone.

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2006 Cadillac Escalade EXT Owner Manual M
........................... 1-1....................................... 4-1
Seats and Restraint Systems Driving Your Vehicle
Front Seats............................................... 1-2 Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle........ 4-2
Rear Seats............................................... 1-7 Towing................................................... 4-50
Safety Belts.............................................. 1-8

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Canadian Owners A French language copy of this manual can be obtained from your dealer or from: Helm, Incorporated P. O. Box 07130 GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem, CADILLAC, Detroit, MI 48207 the CADILLAC Crest & Wreath, and the names ESCALADE and EXT are registered trademarks of How to Use This Manual General Motors Corporation. Many people read the owner manual from beginning to This manual includes the latest information at the time it end when they first receive their new vehicle. If this wa
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In the caution area, we tell you what the hazard is. Index Then we tell you what to do to help avoid or reduce the hazard. Please read these cautions. If you do not, A good place to quickly locate information about the you or others could be hurt. vehicle is the Index in the back of the manual. It is an alphabetical list of what is in the manual and the You will also find a circle page number where it can be found. with a slash through it in this book. This safety Safety Warnings and Symbols symb
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Vehicle Damage Warnings Vehicle Symbols Also, in this manual you will find these notices: The vehicle has components and labels that use symbols instead of text. Symbols are shown along with Notice: These mean there is something that could the text describing the operation or information damage your vehicle. relating to a specific component, control, message, A notice tells about something that can damage the gage, or indicator. vehicle. Many times, this damage would not be covered If you need hel
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5
These are some examples of symbols that may be found on the vehicle: v
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✍ NOTES vi
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Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems Front Seats...................................................... 1-2 Where to Put the Restraint............................. 1-38 Power Seats.................................................. 1-2 Lower Anchors and Tethers for Power Lumbar............................................... 1-3 Children (LATCH)...................................... 1-39 Heated Seats................................................. 1-4 Securing a Child Restraint in a Reclining Sea
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Horizontal Control: This control adjusts the seat Front Seats cushion.  Raise or lower the front of the seat by raising or Power Seats lowering the forward edge of the control. Raise or lower the rear of the seat by raising or lowering the rear edge of the control.  Move the seat forward or rearward by moving the whole control toward the front or toward the rear of the vehicle.  Lower or raise the entire seat cushion by moving the whole control up or down. Vertical Control: This control adjus
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To increase support, press and hold the front of the Power Lumbar control. To decrease support, press and hold the rear of the control. Let go of the control when the lower Your vehicle’s seats may be equipped with power seatback reaches the desired level of support. lumbar. You can also reshape the side wing area of the lower You can increase or seatback for more lateral support. decrease lumbar support To increase support, press and hold the top of the in an area of the lower control. To decre
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To heat only the seatback, press the vertical button with Heated Seats the heated seatback symbol. An indicator light on the seatback button will be lit to designate that only the The buttons used to seatback is being heated. Additional presses of control this feature are the seatback button will cycle through the heat levels for located on the front doors. the seatback only. Press the horizontal button again The engine must be to heat the whole seat. running for the heated seats to work. The he
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Reclining Seatbacks {CAUTION: The front seats have a recline feature which is described earlier. See Power Seats on page 1-2. Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicle is in motion can be dangerous. Even if you buckle up, your safety belts cannot do their job when you are reclined like this. The shoulder belt cannot do its job. In a crash, you could go into it, receiving neck or other injuries. The lap belt cannot do its job either. In a crash the belt could go up over your abdomen. The b
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
Pull the head restraint up to raise it. Push the head Head Restraints restraint down to lower it. Each front head restraint can also be tilted forward to four positions by pulling on it. A click will sound after each tilt position is reached. Pull the head restraint forward, past the last position, to release it to the upright position. The rear seat head restraints are also adjustable up and down, but they do not tilt. Adjust your head restraint so that the top of the restraint is closest to th
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Rear Seats Rear Seat Operation The rear seat is a 60/40 split bench seat that can be folded to give you more cargo space and access to the ® folding midgate. See Midgate on page 2-11 for more information on operation of the folding midgate. To fold either side of the seat do the following: 1. Push the rear seat head restraints all the way down. 2. Pull the seat loop located where the seatback and seat cushion meet. 3. Fold the seatback forward until it is flat. You may The seat cushion will have
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To return the seats to the normal position, push the Safety Belts seatback up and fold the seat cushion down. Safety Belts: They Are for Everyone {CAUTION: This part of the manual tells you how to use safety belts properly. It also tells you some things you should If the seatback is not locked, it could move not do with safety belts. forward in a sudden stop or crash. That could cause injury to the person sitting there. Always be sure to press the rear of the seat cushion {CAUTION: down. This ac
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In most states and in all Canadian provinces, the law says to wear safety belts. Here is why: They work. {CAUTION: You never know if you will be in a crash. If you do have a crash, you do not know if it will be a bad one. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo A few crashes are mild, and some crashes can be so area, inside or outside of a vehicle. In a serious that even buckled up, a person would not collision, people riding in these areas are more survive. But most crashes are in between.
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16
Why Safety Belts Work When you ride in or on anything, you go as fast as it goes. Put someone on it. Take the simplest vehicle. Suppose it is just a seat on wheels. 1-10
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 17
Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The rider The person keeps going until stopped by something. does not stop. In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield... 1-11
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18
or the instrument panel... or the safety belts! With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does. You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance, and your strongest bones take the forces. That is why safety belts make such good sense. 1-12
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Questions and Answers About Q: If I am a good driver, and I never drive far from home, why should I wear safety belts? Safety Belts A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you are in an Q: Will I be trapped in the vehicle after an accident accident — even one that is not your fault — you if I am wearing a safety belt? and your passengers can be hurt. Being a good driver does not protect you from things beyond your A: You could be — whether you are wearing a safety control, such as bad drivers.
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How to Wear Safety Belts Properly This part is only for people of adult size. Be aware that there are special things to know about safety belts and children. And there are different rules for smaller children and babies. If a child will be riding in your vehicle, see Older Children on page 1-27 or Infants and Young Children on page 1-30. Follow those rules for everyone’s protection. First, you will want to know which restraint systems your vehicle has. We will start with the driver position. Dri

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